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World Cancer Day 2023: Bridge The Chasm

World cancer day 2023

February 4 is marked annually as World Cancer Day (WCD) to promote awareness on cancer as a public health issue and to strengthen actions towards improving access to quality cancer care, including: screening, early detection, treatment and palliative care. Cancer is indeed, a public health issue of major concern, given the very grim numbers. Cancer […]

National Cancer Survivors’ Day 2021: Honouring the Fallen and Safeguarding the Living

“Where you live should not determine whether you live or whether you die” – Bono National Cancer Survivors’ Day (NCSD; the first Sunday in June) falls on Sunday, June 6 in 2021.  A cancer survivor is a person who has a history of cancer, from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of life.There are […]

Global ↓↑GOODTUESDAY: Protecting Our Children From Cancer Catastrophe

Protecting Children Against Cancer Catastrophe

A few days ago, I received the devastating news of the loss of Chisom Chukwuneke, a 17 years old gem to blood cancer (leukaemia). A combination of brain and beauty, Chisom left Secondary School with 7 ‘A1’ in the 2019 WASSCE. Because of the gross deficiency in the health system in Nigeria, Chisom’s treatment had […]

Nigeria at 60: Independent nation with no independent cancer care

Cancer Care in Nigeria

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Those who bring sunshine cannot keep it from themselves.”   – Henry David Thoreau October 2020 is a landmark month for Nigeria, as the nation turns 60. However, the entire month of October is also the International Cancer Awareness Month with particular emphasis on breast cancer. Apart […]

International Cancer Survivors Day 2020: COVID-19 As A Wake-Up Call

International Cancer Survivor Day

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Those who bring sunshine cannot keep it from themselves.” – Thor The first Sunday in June every year (Sunday, June 7 in 2020) is known as the International Cancer Survivors Day (ICSD). It is a day set aside to celebrate cancer survivors; appreciate all those who contributed to […]

COVID-19 and cancer: Nigeria’s unique quadruple jeopardy

Covid-19 and Cancer in Nigeria

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several tragi-comic double jeopardies which are peculiar to Nigeria. The politician or elite who previously felt too “big” to attend local hospitals, but is now forced to either eat humble pie or die; the doctor whose job puts him at the greatest risk of contracting the virus and so cannot […]


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