↓↑GivingTide is an all-inclusive family-enriching global movement.

Whilst adults may become Philanthropes, youths and children could play the role of ‘Philanthroteens’) and ‘Philanthrokids’ respectively.

You can get involved by playing the following triple roles, namely: Giver, Influencer and Adviser

  1. Giver: A financial contributor to the BIG WAR.
  2. Influencer: Serve as an evangelist to those in your sphere of influence, also known as the 5 F’s:
  • Family (this category includes relations and in-laws), 
  • Fellows (this category includes neighbours and colleagues), 
  • Friends (this category includes associates and acquaintances), 
  • Followers / Fans (this category includes social media & email contacts) and 
  • Faithfuls (this category includes co-members of faith groups or other voluntary groups).

3. Adviser: Serve as a special adviser on tactics and strategy to the ↓↑GivingTide team

The Philantropes

A Philanthrope is a person who raises or donates a minimum of N1 million ($2,000) to ↓↑G Global Trust.

  • A Philanthrokid is a Philanthrope who is a child (<13 years old)
  • A Philanthroteen is a Philanthrope who is a teenager (13-19years old)
  • A Philanthrope: adults (≥ 20 years old) are simply called “Philanthropes”


Centurions are those who raise or donate a minimum of N10m ($20,000)

There are 5 levels of Centurions

1. Bronze Centurion≥N10,000,000
2. Silver Centurion≥N25,000,000
3. Gold Centurion≥N50,000,000
4. Diamond Centurion≥N100,000,000
5. Titanic Centurion≥N1,000,000,000

MORELIFER: A person or organization that dedicates a milestone (e.g. birthday, memorial, corporate anniversary), towards promoting ↓↑G.

GOODWILL AMBASSADORS: The officially appointed Goodwill Ambassadors / Celebrity Endorser / Social Media Promoters of ↑G are known as the Golden Tippers.

TENURE: The designation as a Philanthrope, Centurion, Golden Tippers or MoreLifer is specific to the year in which the contribution is made.

You do not need to be the chair of a large foundation to make an impact. Risk takers need backers. Good ideas need evangelists. Forgotten communities need advocates. And whether your chief resource is volunteer time or hard-earned dollars, for a relatively small investment catalytic philanthropy can make a big impact.

Bill Gates

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