The ↓↑GivingTide (↓↑G) Trust is known as the ↓↑GivingTide Global Trust.

The funds of ↓↑GivingTide International is domiciled in the ↓↑G Trust and managed by FBNQuest Trustees.

FBNQuest Trustees Limited is a leading Trusteeship Company in Nigeria and a member of the FBN Holdings Group. The Company was incorporated on August 8, 1979 and is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). FBNQuest Trustees has successfully managed client’s businesses and wealth for over 40 years through a combination of brand strength, intellectual capacity and character.

Details of the ↓↑GivingTide Global Trust Account

Name: FBNQuest/GivingTide Global Trust Account

Bank: First Bank Nigeria Plc.

Account Number: 2035905789 (Naira), 2035905844 (USD)

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Those who bring sunshine cannot keep it from themselves.” – Henry David Thoreau


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