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↓↑GivingTide International (↓↑G) is a non-profit initiative, duly registered to champion the practice of combined, concerted and catalytic philanthropy / social investment on a global scale.

While private individuals and corporates may have their preferred philanthropic projects; it is evident that without concerted action there is the risk of tokenism, duplication of effort and lack of real progress.

↓↑G aims to revolutionize the impact of Civic Social Investment (which consists of Personal Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility) by promoting synergistic action in a common direction.

This synergy is attained when individuals and groups are persuaded to jointly support one focal cause at a time, without prejudice to whatever else they may be doing by way of social investment. By jointly accomplishing major goals that they could not have achieved separately, they would help to bring about massive societal development.


A unique feature of ↓↑GivingTide is the concept of a focal cause. The focal cause is a single social problem to be tackled through united action. This cause could be chosen from any sector, depending on the feedback from the general public. Once the goals of one focal cause have been accomplished, a new focal cause is chosen. The current focal cause is ‘the BIG War Against Cancer’. Visit https://givingtide.org/the-big-war/ for more details.


The funds of ↓↑GivingTide International are domiciled in the ↓↑GivingTide Global Trust and managed by FBNQuest Trustees, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings.

Account Details of the Trust:

– Name: FBNQuest/GivingTide Global Trust Account

– Bank: First Bank Nigeria Plc

– Number: 2035905789 (Naira), 2035905844 (USD)


↓↑GoodTuesday is a global movement that designates Tuesdays as special days for the promotion of combined, concerted and catalytic philanthropy. All over the world, the idea of philanthropic Tuesday is supported by business, political, and social leaders, who come together to raise funds for community development.

↓↑GoodTuesday is so named because of the significance of Tuesday. In many cultures and religions, Tuesday is regarded as the most auspicious weekday. For example, in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, Tuesday is a day of multiplicity of blessings.

This is because in the Bible on the Third Day of creation the phrase “and God saw that it was good” is mentioned twice (see Genesis 1:10 and Genesis 1:12). All the other days have this phrase mentioned only once (except for the second day, Monday, where it is not mentioned at all).

The auspiciousness of Tuesday is also preserved in some African cultures. For example, in Yoruba mythology, Tuesday is the most auspicious day of the week. The Yoruba regard Tuesday as a day of double blessing and a day of victory, known as ‘Ọjọ Isẹgun’.

Global ↓GoodTuesday:

Whist every Tuesday is designated as ↓↑GoodTuesday (a day of emphasis on philanthropy), the first Tuesday in December is extra-special, because it is regarded as the first in the annual giving calendar.

For this reason, the first Tuesday in December is known as the Global ↓↑GoodTuesday.

Global ↓↑GoodTuesday is the global advocacy day set aside to inspire and celebrate generosity. It is the first day to kick off a tide of year-round giving through a universal call for all to give back (represented by ) so that humankind may be uplifted (represented by ↑).

This is followed by an ongoing campaign, known as ↓↑GivingTide. ↓↑GivingTide is an international campaign to motivate the giving of talent, treasure and time towards the focal cause. It is a novel movement for giving and volunteering. ↓↑GivingTide kicks off each year on the Global ↓↑GoodTuesday, “the opening day of the giving season,” and lasts till the next Global ↓↑GoodTuesday.

The Global ↓↑GoodTuesday  is also a day of expressing gratitude for the gift of life, and for all the achievements and progress recorded in the outgoing year.

Everyone is encouraged to join the ↓↑GivingTide movement.

“We are each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other.” – Luciano De Crescenzo


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