GT/GT/GT (Triple GT) refers to ↓↑GivingTide/GoodTuesday/Get-Together in support of the ↓↑GivingTide focal cause.


Definition: The GT/GT/GT is a personal or corporate celebration of life focused on combined, concerted and catalytic philanthropy

Goal: To raise awareness and funds for the ↓↑GivingTide Global Trust (↓↑ Trust)

Host: The host of a GT/GT/GT (individual or corporate) is known as the “↓↑GivingTide Torchbearer”.

Invitees: In choosing their invitees, Torchbearers are encouraged to consider their five “circles of influence” (5f’s), viz: Family, Fellows, Friends, Followers/Fans and Faithfuls.

Mode: GT/GT/GT or GT/GT may be held physically or virtually.

Target: Each participant at a GT/GT is encouraged to contribute a minimum of $100 (N50,000)

Timing: GT/GT/GT could be held on any Tuesday in the month of the Torchbearer’s milestone. Such milestones include birthdays, wedding anniversaries, memorials, annual general meetings or corporate anniversaries.

Recording: A video recording of the Get-Together could be sent to ↓↑G for dissemination (optional).

Redemption: Pledges made at the GT/GT/GT should be redeemed within 100 hours (4 days) of the event. All payments should be made directly by the participants to FBNQT/↓↑GIVINGTIDE GLOBAL TRUST ACCOUNT

Variations of GT/GT/GT:

  • A Get-Together held on any other day except Tuesday is called a GivingTide/Get-Together (GT/GT)
  • Instead of having any event, a Torchbearer may donate to the cause, without involving others.

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” 

Lily Tomlin

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